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Flobo Hard Disk Repair 4.1 Full Version With Crack davesain




Bad Sector Recovery is a free DOS utility for scanning and repairing bad sectors on a hard drive. Bad sector recovery is useful when the hard drive has experienced physical damage or damage due to an accident. The utility repairs damaged sectors by replacing data in the damaged sectors with valid data and freeing the otherwise unusable space in those sectors. Step 3: In the window that appears, click on Browse in the lower left corner and locate your floppy disk on the left side panel, then double-click on it. Step 4: You will see a list of all the files on the floppy disk. You will be prompted to "Format floppy disk?" (see Figure 6.10). Click on Yes. Figure 6.10. Floppy Disk Recovery Wizard Step 5: Choose a floppy disk to format. It is important to choose the correct floppy disk to format. It should be a single-sided, compact diskette, not an extended diskette. Step 6: Click on Next. (see Figure 6.11). Figure 6.11. Choose a floppy disk to format Step 7: Review the steps on the screen and click on Next if they apply to your situation. (see Figure 6.12). Figure 6.12. Review the steps on the screen Step 8: The utility will run a scan of the floppy disk to identify problems. It will also check to see if the floppy disk is properly formatted for your model of floppy disk drive. (see Figure 6.13). Figure 6.13. A floppy disk drive is selected Step 9: If there are problems identified by the utility, you will be shown a list of problems and possible solutions (see Figure 6.14). Figure 6.14. Potential problems on the floppy disk Step 10: Click on Continue if there are no problems. Otherwise, follow the prompts to correct the problem. Step 11: Once the problem has been fixed, click on Finish (see Figure 6.15). Figure 6.15. The program will now format the floppy disk Step 12: Click on OK when you see the floppy disk has been successfully formatted. It will ask if you want to save the program and a floppy disk to the floppy disk drive. (see Figure 6.16). Figure 6.16. Saves the program and floppy disk to floppy disk drive Step 13: Click Yes to save the program to the




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Flobo Hard Disk Repair 4.1 Full Version With Crack davesain

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